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A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Running an efficient business takes a lot of time and organization, especially when most of the operations function outside of the business office.  Contractors often have to take many steps just to earn a customer’s business.  Now, imagine your next job. What are the steps you might take when inspecting and estimating a job? Do you write down any specific requests or notes that the homeowner/business owner asks of you? Do you take measurements or write down quantities you will need? Once you make these notes, do you share them with your business office so they may assist you?

If this sounds like your business, you might benefit from a new mobile app called CompanyCam. Let’s see how CompanyCam has assisted other customers:

Meet Ralph. 

Ralph is a hard working contractor who connects directly with homeowners/business owners to provide quality construction and repair services. He has quite a few employees including Barbara, an office assistant who operates out of their local office. In addition, he has a 5 person construction crew who work with him in the field. Barbara assists Ralph in the day-to-day operations including obtaining pricing, placing orders, and scheduling deliveries.

Ralph recently discovered CompanyCam – a mobile app that allows him to take pictures, draw on images, write notes, and safely store and share the documentation with his crew and administrative staff. 

While inspecting some damaged siding and roofing for a local homeowner, Ralph snaps a picture, writes the dimensions, and makes a few notes. He snaps another image showcasing some damaged gutters. Barbara instantly receives the updated photos with Ralph’s notes. Now she is able to get pricing and assist in providing Ralph with the information he needs to give an estimate.  

The homeowner decides to move forward with the work and Ralph assigns the work to his crew. As they begin work, crew members snap pictures while the work is in progress. Ralph is able to monitor the job while he is away from the job site. This provides a level of protection for Ralph’s business because he is able to ensure the right materials are being replaced in the correct location. Once the job is complete, Ralph visits the job site, snaps a few more images to document the finished job and connects with the homeowner one last time.

By using CompanyCam, Ralph maximized his time at the job site by instantly sharing the job information. He was able to focus more on the customer while his office staff worked diligently behind the scenes. By including a visual, they were able match the replacement roofing and siding quickly – saving Ralph labor hours. Finally, while his crew works the new job, he is able to manage the job away from the job site – freeing up Ralph’s time to earn new business. 

Thanks to CompanyCam, Ralph has more time to dedicate to building a good rapport with his customers while providing quality craftsmanship on all of his jobs.

Key Features

  • Connect everyone's photos to a job site & See them instantly
  • Access them anywhere - know more so you worry less
  • Be up and running with CompanyCam in five minutes
  • Draw on the photos and write notes that stay attached to the photos
  • Share hundreds of photos in seconds with a simple link
  • CompanyCam updates in real time
  • You can see the work as it's happening so you can solve problems before they cost you money 

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