You've Got To Be In It To Win It! Allied's Pick-6 Tournament


In the wake of week 14 of the Touchpoint Pick-6  Football Tournament, we reflect back and are inspired by our customer participation. There have been so many ups and downs over the past 13 weeks – like the Patriots convincing victory in week 3 over the Texans, 27-0, then forgetting to show up in week 4 against the Bills, losing 16-0! Of course we can’t forget about the nail-biter in week 7, where the Seahawks and Cardinals tied 6-6. Well, yeah, we can forget about that game. 

However, one thing is constant: Our customers love football!

The Touchpoint Pick 6 Game Series features 6 Regions and 7 different games. Nordmann Roofing (North Atlantic) is the top company contender with 2 employees placing in the top 3 and 1 placing twice.  Interstate Roofing (Great Plains) and Western Pacific Region (West) also topped the company charts with three different employees placing in the top 3 over the course of 12 weeks. Other top competitors placed 2 employees in at least 3 games. These include Leingang Home Center(Great Plains), Superior Roofing & Sheet Metal (Great Plains), Vivax Pros (Great Plains), Axiom Construction(West), and Red Point Roofing (West).

The top ranking individual from Week 1 to Week 12 is Rocky Camp from Northshore Sheet Metal Inc. Rocky placed 1st in week 3, 4, & 6, and 3rd in week 12.

Other individual player highlights include:

Placed in the Top 3 in at least 3 Games
Fred Beaver of Bastaldi Construction LLC (2nd Wk2, 2nd Wk5, 3rd Wk10)
Christine Boccia of JD Traditional (2nd Wk3, 2nd Wk6, 3rd Wk11)
Trey Hopper of HC Construction Services LLC (2nd Wk1, 3rd Wk5, 2nd Wk7)

Placed in the Top 3 in at least 2 Games

North Atlantic
Charles Drabek of Charlie's Handyman Services LLC (1st Wk1, 1st Wk12)
Steve Saum of Nordmann Roofing (3rd Wk7, 3rd Wk10)
Jesse Phillips (3rd Wk4, 2nd Wk8)
Sasha Korsunsky of KOR Design Build, LLC (2nd Wk4, 1st Wk6)

Mid Atlantic
Mike Dailey of Martinelli Development Group (1st Wk2, 1st Wk8)
Erik Peterson of Storm Guard (2nd Wk3, 2nd Wk5)
Joseph Siomiak of Siomiak Construction (3rd Wk2, 2nd Wk12)
Vin Marzarella of All County Enterprises (3rd Wk5, 2nd Wk10)
Dean Depaulis of Prestige Builders (3rd Wk6, 1st Wk12)

Mike Goudy of G&G Construction (2nd Wk 8, 2nd Wk 11)
Aaron Tolsma of Axiom Construction (3rd Wk 5, 1st Wk 11)

Great Plains
Ann Schurig of Vivax Pros (2nd Wk1-game2, 1st Wk11-game2)
Brenda Engen of Leingang Home Center (1st Wk2-game2, 1st Wk12-game2)
Don Bailey of Superior Roofing & Sheet Metal  (3rd Wk2-game1, 2nd Wk12-game1)

Steve Auer of Auer and Kompany (2nd Wk6, 2nd Wk11)

Congratulations to all of our winners thus far! There are still a few weeks left and you can still win, whether it’s weekly or the grand prize. You've Got To Be In It To Win It! - and don’t forget about those bonus points.

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