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Product# 92588635
Brand MRS
Type Fasteners, Hidden, Kit
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TrapEase eliminates the mushrooming effect caused by standard deck screws in composite deck materials. Its unique head style captures any additional loose material and pushes it back into the screw hole. No pre-drilling & no mushrooms. GuardDog is a premium deck screw manufactured for use in the new ACQ and Copper Azole pressure treated lumbers. The GuardDog is coated with patent pending Copperite coating. Copperite coating has undergone extensive testing with the new pressure treated lumbers and is guaranteed to protect against rusting for the life of the project. LedgerLok is engineered for the attachment of ledger boards to the rim joist of the house FASTER - EASIER - STRONGER THAN ½" LAGS. No predrilling and no ratcheting needed. It will cut your labor time in half. The LedgerLok has been engineered to offer higher design shear values than other ledger fasteners including ½" lags. LedgerLok is fully compliant with ICC-IBC Code. The FastenMaster IQ Hidden Fastening System® enables you to complete hidden decking projects faster, easier, stronger, and smarter! One clip does it all. No special tool needed. Simple above the deck installation, consistent board-to-board gapping first and last board solution.

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