TRACK 20GA 2-1/2IN 10FT 1-1/4IN LEG OR EQ
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TRACK 20GA 2-1/2IN  10FT 1-1/4IN LEG        OR EQ
Product# 38146400
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Dietrich structural track is a U-shaped framing component used as top and bottom runners to secure wall studs. Dietrich structural track is produced to ASTM C955 standards. Structural track is also used as end support closures for joists at exterior or foundation walls, head and sill plates of wall openings and solid blocking. Track is normally ordered in corresponding size and gauge to the wall studs. Longer leg track is used for deflection conditions or to accommodate uneven or inconsistent floor or ceiling conditions. Slip track for track­over-track assemblies is also available.

  • Sizes (Web): 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, 3-5/8” 4”, 5-1/2”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”.
  • Leg heights: 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2” and 3” legs.
  • Gauges: 20 (33 mils), 18 (43 mils), 16 (54 mils), 14 (68 mils) and 12 (97 mils).
  • 33 KSI yield strength. 50 KSI available on request.
  • G-60 Galvanized coating or equivalent.
  • Standard 10’ lengths.
  • Custom sizes, lengths and coatings available.

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