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Product# 69600025
Type Building Wrap
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Tri-Built Building Wrap H/C is a strong, durable woven polyolefi n fabric with a micro-perforated coating that helps control the transfer of water-vapor and reduces air infi ltration. Tri-Built Building Wrap H/C is a critical component in protecting the building envelope by controlling air movement and the transfer of moisture, creating a healthier and more energy-effi cient structure. The engineered woven fabric construction of Tri-Built Building Wrap H/C provides exceptional strength, durability and lightweight handling at an attractive price point.

Allied Building Products Corporation is the exclusive distributor of the TRI-BUILT Materials Group suite of products which are available at all locations carrying exterior products.

The TRI-BUILT suite of products includes:
Cements & Coatings designed to seal and protect all roof surfaces across various temperature applications.
Commercial Roofing Products including building wraps for severe weather protection and fasteners designed to secure insulation to steel and wood substrates.
Residential Roofing Products including everything from building wrap and underlayment to flashing and trim coil.
Replacement Windows which provide value, performance and are Energy Star compliant.

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