Worker's Memorial Day

What is Worker's Memorial Day? 

"Workers' Memorial Day is observed every year on April 28. It is a day to honor those workers who have died on the job, to acknowledge the grievous suffering experienced by families and communities, and to recommit ourselves to the fight for safe and healthful workplaces for all workers. It is also the day OSHA was established in 1971." - OSHA

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Did you know Allied's #1 priority is SAFETY? 

Every day that our employees go home safe to their families is day we are successful. Our employees are our most valuable asset; to you our customer and to Allied as a whole. 

Safety is more than just conversation to us at Allied. Safety is our culture. We provide thorough safety training to our employees, we hold daily huddles and weekly safety meetings to ensure everyone is engaged in our safety culture, we perform safety audits, and equip every single employee with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We also have a separate safety department dedicated to developing a world class organization. 

These are just a few of our ongoing efforts to keep our employees safe so that at the end of the day, everyone goes home to their family. 

Get home safe!

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