Obtaining Performance Bonds in Hawaii

The ability to obtain a performance bond is a crucial part of the construction process in Hawaii. Pacific Source is equipped to help with this phase of your project. If the lender for your project requires a bond, you'll appreciate the fact that we are approved by Hawaiian lenders to provide bonding on all of the islands. 

Benefits of Pacific Source Bonding:

  • Approved to do bonding for most Hawaiian lenders
  • Streamlined application process
  • Quick response time for bond approval
  • Professional accountants manage our Bond Department with proper procedures and controls
  • Flexibility when changes occur
  • Quick processing of payment requests. Checks are sent as payment requests are received, not on a set weekly schedule.
  • Option for 1099 issuance at year-end

Please call Charlotte Garrison at 877-848-5523 for your next bond.

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