Talking With… Mike Pietrzak, Sales and Marketing Manager, Berger Building Products, Inc. Fulfilling Their Corporate Mission

With a corporate mission "to provide quality products to wholesale distributors with first class service and competitive prices," Berger Building Products, Inc. has been serving the roofing and siding industry since 1874. Part of their mission’s fulfillment is having a nationwide distribution network and, more specifically, aligning themselves with key distributors. As such, Allied Building Products Corp. and Berger have enjoyed a mutually favorable relationship for decades.

"Distributors are what make our company grow," said Mike Pietrzak, Sales and Marketing Manager, Berger. "And having a solid, long-term partnership with Allied is a giant part of our distributor network."

Berger takes several other steps to provide first class service to distributors - thus supporting their corporate mission - with strategically placed production and distribution facilities across the country, a national sales force that routinely visits all distributors, an in-house sales department for additional support, as well as a dedicated customer service line where orders can be taken and product questions answered.

Without question, Berger's most vital customer-centric step is offering quality products that last. Considered the leader in copper roof drainage systems, the company recently added to their already robust product line, enabling distributors to take advantage of their free freight program, order more often and turn their inventories more frequently. Among the new products Berger has introduced are the DrySnap™ Under Deck System, the EuraCraft Gutter System™ and the Pro-Master Roof Shield™. Allied had a chance to speak with Pietrzak about these cutting-edge products that result in a trifecta of good news for customers: cost-savings, product longevity and ease of installation.

What is the new DrySnap Under Deck System and what makes it so effective?
This under deck rain carrying system is designed to be installed beneath any raised deck to collect and drain water away from the space beneath the deck. The DrySnap system’s connecting pieces have rubber seals that form barriers inhibiting water from leaking or dripping. This provides a dry area to maximize outdoor living space and add value to any home. The system consists of vinyl construction, which allows for expansion and contraction, translating into a maintenance free all-weather product for customers.

The DrySnap Under Deck System can be used on new decks as well as existing raised decks. In fact, about 90 percent of current interest in this product is geared toward existing decks. We feature a 10-year limited warranty on this system. Customers can inquire at their local branch for availability.

How easy is the system to install?
Ease of installation with the DrySnap system is a big selling feature. Basically, there are only five components that literally snap together, requiring minimal tools. It's that simple. This is a big selling point over other systems that have to be installed piece by piece. Additionally, the DrySnap system’s panels come on a roll that can be cut to size, resulting in minimal waste for the contractor.

What makes the EuraCraft Gutter System stand out from the competition?
While most gutter systems are constructed with 16 oz. copper, the EuraCraft Gutter System features stronger and more durable 18 oz. TECU® copper. A key feature of this system is that it can be solderless; the components simply connect together with rubber seal connectors and the downspout, elbows, and miters are seamless. This factor is important with contractors who don’t have soldering experience.

Additionally, the EuraCraft system is attractive, featuring a classic European design. The pieces have a prestigious and ornate look to them - definitely a step above the everyday gutter system. This product has been available for almost a year now and Berger has it in stock for immediate shipment. Again, customers can inquire at their local branch for availability.

What key features will customers appreciate in the Pro-Master Roof Shield?
About a year and a half ago, Berger introduced the Pro-Master Roof Shield UDL Synthetic Roofing Underlayment. This synthetic roof shield is stronger and lighter than organic underlayment and can be used with asphalt shingles, wood shakes, non-structural metal roofing, and synthetic and quarry slate. The roof shield is anti-slip coated for safety, and printed with nail pattern and alignment guides for contractor’s ease of use and quick installation.

The Pro-Master Roof Shield is made of material that is rated for exposure to elements for one year. So far, the product has been very well received; sales have been good. Synthetics in general are taking hold in the marketplace for three main reasons: they last longer; are lighter and easier to install; and offer a longer warranty.

Whether it's the leading products they develop or the opportunities to service customers they have in place, Berger's commitment to their corporate mission, and their customers, is clear.

Noted Allied's Ron Valenti, Northeast Regional Purchasing Manager, National Purchasing Analyst, and Product Manager, "Berger's mission parallels Allied's goal of providing our customers with quality products with first class service and competitive prices. That, coupled with a national sales force and very strong inside sales personnel will allow our companies to meet the challenge of these changing times."