Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
We have compiled a list of the the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our site and about our company. You may be able to find the answers to your questions on this page, but feel free to send us a message if you don't find what you are looking for here.

What software do I need to use this site?
This site has been designed for most effective use with Google Chrome. Other browsers are also supported, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Safari & Firefox.

In addition, you will also need to download and install a few additional pieces of software for complete use of all components of the site. This list can be found at our Download Link Section.

Why should I register to use this website?
Registration gives you many benefits.

  • Registered users are eligible for our periodic prizes and random drawings.
  • Registered users can download our coupons, rebates and other weekly and monthly savings
  • Registered users receive our once a month newsletter (no more often than that, we promise...) which is loaded with Savings, Tips, Local specials, Local Events and great Industry Articles from those in the know. You will want to receive this one!

Where can I find...?
Your best bet is the Advanced Searches page.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, but are fairly sure that it should be there, send us a message using the Feedback / Contact Us Section and we will be happy to assist.

I am a supplier, and I see errors in our product listings. How can I get them fixed?
The quickest way is to send us a message using the Feedback / Contact Us Section, describing the error and sending any supporting information.

How do I open an Allied Building Products Credit Account?
Download and complete the Allied Credit Application by clicking here. Once all information is submitted via fax to us, one of our Credit Team will contact you to complete your registration.